Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday's Child

He's been on my mind these last few days.
When I looked at the calendar, I realized why.
March 25, the anniversary of his untimely death. On this day, every year, I give thanks for his short but  beautiful life, grateful that he shared his last years with me.

John Robin Copeland

I love this photo of him (Right) in Dublin, Ireland. He love rugby, played defence.

Subconsciously, he's always there, because he's a part of what and who I am. He helped to shape me, he gave me the greatest gift, the gift of unconditional love, and his death with all the consequences made me who I am today. It's true that like steel, when we go through fire, we get stronger. When I emerged from the fire, I became stronger and I discovered my true self as I stumbled for many years after that. I loved again -- and lost, not because I didn't love enough, but because he acted through fear, not love. I never regret loving someone. Never. It doesn't matter if you "lose", you never really lose if you love from deep inside you, if you give it freely. It's said that all actions are based on one of two things: love or fear. If I've learned one thing, it's to act from a place of love, not from your fears. Act from your strengths, not your weaknesses.

It's not enough to merely survive. It's how you survive and who you become as a result.

For those who have lost someone dear, I send you all my love and comfort.


  1. colette, you
    are a beautiful
    woman, artist,
    and teacher.
    i believe your
    love is so proud
    of you. my heart
    aches for your
    loss. i admire
    your strength.

  2. what a lovely heart felt post, (not the circumstance) but I know your hubby, your john is looking down from heaven and is so proud of all you have and all that you are currently accomplishing in your beautiful life! and that the love is still there, I believe that even in death, love is still very much alive, that's something I would carry with me, I sure wish I had the pleasure of meeting him, like when I met you...I admire your will and strength, your flame never diminished and is still burning so bright and strong! Love you my dear sweet friend! xoxo
    Wren :)

  3. Dear Colette, such beautiful words. I am so sorry for this loss that you have had to live. p.s. yesterday was the anniversary of my older brother's death

  4. Your words are so genuine. That is what I love about you. I am so sorry for your loss, but knowing what you have gained from your loss is unmeasurable.

    Hugs to you sweet friend!

  5. Sorry for your loss. It's especially hard
    when they go to soon. I lost someone I loved
    who was only 33.

  6. sending you prayers and love,

  7. Today's tears are for you, dear friend. You really got me this time, but I thank you for sharing -as you have learned to do so well - and so eloquently. As always, you inspire others - even in darker moments. Today there will be more light! xoxo

  8. Colette,
    I am so sorry I missed this on Friday. We are still at Jud's parents so I am not keeping up with my favorite people as well as usual. Your words really ring true to me tonight and I resolve once again to keep on loving and not fearing. I repeat this exercise often and I learned it from words you said to me several months ago.
    What a handsome man, full of gusto! I know you carry him with you all the time.
    Thanks for your beautiful example.

  9. "For those who have lost someone dear, I send you all my love and comfort."

    Thank you and back to you. Thirty years with my love was not enough ... we wanted 30 more!

  10. wish there was a way to give you a hug x


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