Monday, January 03, 2011

One more day before we go back to normal. Today is a make-up holiday for New Year's being on the weekend, but only for the banks and government. Which means the post office is closed.

So while my packages are awaiting shipment, I'm making more stock...which is my favourite part, my work, my passion.

So to you, I say:
Je t'aime card


  1. Beautiful, Colette!

  2. Just so pretty. I love your delicate work.

  3. so chic, so gorgeous! I am surprised that your post office is still on holiday! the u.s. post offices resumed business today, and they were packed as I myself was delivering an etsy order!

  4. It was another one of those non-holidays that schools don't get off (darn). My post office is open (it's open on evenings and Sundays too). Bu the bank isn't! And I need a money order!

  5. As always, you inspire! xoxo

  6. You made me cry,my dear. In a good way. The piece I ordered totally spoke to me. I love it. The gift you sent made all three of us smile. We adore The Little God Of Happy Endings! He has a bald head just like Jud. The is something about it that makes me feel hope again. Thank you for being so incredibly thoughtful! They will both go in little frames and be placed where I can see the often.
    Huge thanks, Colette.


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