Sunday, January 02, 2011

Great start to the New Year

I've been included in many Etsy treasuries lately...and honored by that...and today I made the front page
The treasury was created by Elizabeth Williams, whose shop has been in my favorites for years and who I met (accidentally) in Omaha last November!

And as I was composing this post, the item sold.

Thank you, Elizabeth.


  1. Jordan for you, Colette. This is a well-deserved honor! It is a lot of fun to wake up and see something of yours on that front page!

  2. YOU are the treasure! Way to go. I love all of your posts of the New Year!
    Miss you. xoxo

  3. CONGRATS ON MAKING THE ETSY FRONT PAGE!!! what an honor! I myself am also waiting for that glorious day! but I'm so glad it happened to a fellow etsy-er and friend I know!!! I have been on quite a few treasuries these last several months as well, it always makes me giddy going on a treasury every now and then! you deserve this great honor and success! Rock on my dear Colette! Love ya!
    Wren xoxoxo

  4. Such a good start. Happy new year Colette

  5. One of my altered journals made a treasure last week. I've never made the front page though... How exciting!

  6. Congrats, Colette. A wonderful start to the New Year, indeed.

  7. Congrats on this honour Colette. I adore your magical little bags.


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