Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In the evenings, curled up on the couch, watching television, I sometimes go through my stash to refresh my memory. As you collect stuff, it's easy to forget what you have.

I pulled out an antique dress cuff, a length of lace, a rhinestone buckle, and the three pieces came together to crate a cuff. It was more a matter of combining than altering.

Like this:

I like looking at things and seeing what they could become. Show me something and I'll tell you its future!!!


  1. Ah, you a a fortune teller.of beautiful things, silly girl? I so love what you made here. I am looking forward to heat in my basement fabric/paper room so I can do that very thing! We left the snow of Minnesota yesterday and are in the somewhat warm town of Palo Alto, California. It is a special time. We have so much time together before the radiation and will go to Mesa and up to northern California to see good friends. I am staying in these beautiful moments for a change and having such a good time with my dear Jud.

    Thank younfornsharingnyour wisdom with me, my friend!

  2. I adore your site. I have been avidly collecting items for quite some time not knowing what I would do with them. I found the Somerset magazines this summer and it all clicked! I can not wait to start creating. You will be one of my inspirations. thank you for sharing your work.

  3. that is beautiful! it's so your style too! it's funny you mentioned going through your stash of treasures, that's what I did not but 2 days ago, found some old fabrics that have been neglected, so now I have decided to use them up before buying more for other are right, one would forget what all they have collected! I don't even remember coming across those old fabrics even when I moved out of state to Nebraska! Now I am going to search for my old vintage pillow cases I have collected as a teenager.....great post! It reminds me of new beginnings and fresh starts with old trinkets and treasures!

  4. I need to go through my stash. This morning I have been searching for a lottery ticket...even dug through the trash. I think God wants me to deal with my lack of orginazation. ( I know my husband is for pushing it) Maybe I'll find some nice treasure like you on my journey.
    Very nice cuff.
    xxx, Jill

  5. I sit on the sofa at night and make things too... and cuffs are one of my favorite things to sew... Yours is lovely...


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