Saturday, January 29, 2011

 So, I came across an item in an online shop that was described as a metal heart from France. That's all the description said (which, for me, is as bad as dark murky photos, expecting you to buy something you can hardly see). On this metal heart, however, there was an inscription in French that clearly showed it to be a funerary item. It said something along the lines of here lies XX who died after an illness 1905 - 1964.  I really think that it behooves the seller to get a translation before they put something up for sale, for those unsuspecting customers who may think it's a romantic bibelot all the way from France....

I'm getting ready for my mini-vacation. I have to go out and do a few things, then pack my bag.
I'll be back Thursday night, so I'll see you on Friday.


  1. Have a fantastic trip, Colette! Nice to have a little break from the routine and a change of scenery...

  2. it was good talking with ya on the phone last night, have fun in florida!! joe and I are braving the cold elements to obtain a copy of somerset! yay! take in the view of the ocean for me!

  3. Beautifully simple white dress image Colette.

    A bit creepy for the person who buys the heart. I presume someone must have taken it from a memorial or something and thought it would be good to sell. Very sad.

    Have a lovely time on your mini-vacation and come back refreshed.

  4. So sweet! Have fun whatever you do!


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