Friday, December 10, 2010


My sister usually finds places that she knows I'll love, and this year was no exception. Last year, it was Smitten in Downtown McKinney; this year it was Patina Green, also in Downtown McKinney.

Patina Green is totally and completely my favourite place. It combines fabulous vintage items (very much in my taste) and at very reasonable prices, and fabulous food, fresh, delicious, and French patisserie to boot. We ate, we shopped.

Kaci Lyford, one of the people behind Patina.

French documents turned into art on canvas.


  1. I will have to visit Patina the next time I am in McKinney.

    Colette you mentioned in your last post you were looking for old embroidery you mean the wooden ones or the metal ones? Let me know because I have a bunch of the metal ones. Just email me.

  2. that place looks great! I am still in search of the perfect cafe here in lincoln.....

  3. This place looks amazing!
    You have a special sister!


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