Saturday, December 11, 2010

Great finds

I'm a picker; I poke around looking for things. I loved this little cup. I'm now using it for coffee.
Packet of French documents from Patina. Old Lace from various McKinney antique malls. Wooden hoops from Canton.

What I plan to do with one of the French documents.


  1. Lovely, I so love lace and vintage finds! Reminds me of the quiet stirrings from my soul. When one is allowed, the luxury of quiet, to let the memories and creative ideas flow~ xXx

    Such beautiful finds~ enJOY your treasures!

  2. Love all of your finds, Colette. I really like what you're creating with them too :)

  3. I like your kind of picking Colette and look forward to seeing your finished creations!
    Enjoy the season!
    :) Laura

  4. great finds!! just your style!!

  5. Colette, I love the items you much as I loved taking the project runway class at Silver Bella! Love your blog!


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