Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I watched the Kennedy Center Honors on TV tonight, and the Paul McCartney segment took me back. I even got sentimental. That was my music when I was a teen, the Beatles, and along with just about all the audience I sang the songs... It also took me back to my Washington, d.C., years and the concerts I went to at the Kennedy Center. Nostalgia is rife around here this evening.


  1. how sweet!!! i love that photo of you!! love the virginia is for lovers tee and yes...i too remember listening to the beatles during breakfast on my brother's cassette tapes! my brother still has all his beatles albums! just this weekend my son asked me who paul mcCartney is. made me feel old.
    i grew up in the D.C. area, so i know the kennedy center too!! i went to concerts at constitution hall, but not beatles concerts. i missed that generation by about 10 years.
    i bet you had so much fun and have a million stories to tell!!! nostalgia it is!!!
    take care

  2. oh what a perfectly gorgeous photo!

  3. What an adorable teenager!

  4. I love this photo of you!

  5. you haven't changed a Bit! xo Happy New year love~


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