Thursday, December 30, 2010

A day in the life

My day so far....
Woke up.
Had a cup of coffee while contemplating the day.
Worked -- completed a project from start to finish.
Packed two items to be shipped.
And now I'm having breakfast.
Detail of a new listing in my Etsy shop. SOLD

Still to do:
Feed the cats (this is their last day of me cat-sitting; handler returns from Montreal this afternoon)
Get ready (ablutions etc.)
Go to post office.
Take a long walk.
Count my blessings.
Surprise myself.


  1. what a day planned out for you!! I like the count the blessings part the most, we all should be doing that everyday! sweet post, it got to my heart!
    xoxo wren :)

  2. I love your last to do for today. Happy and creative new year to you...

  3. i LOVE your fabric collage!


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