Monday, November 15, 2010

The Long Hello, Part II

This post is about the people. Because it's the people who make or break a gathering. Silver Bella was crackling with a very good, creative, positive energy. I salute every single one of you!

Here are some of their wonderful creations. They surely outdid the teacher!


  1. Your Project Runway was my first class at my first Silver Bella - so much fun to sit there and play with new friends. Thanks for making it so memorable, dear Colette. p.s. LOVE the paper pouch you made for all of us!!!

  2. Hi Colette,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful was fun to play with all my vintage elements and design my own fashions! I was so inspired by the amazing talent and beautiful creations of all the lovely ladies in the class. Although I did not finish my dresses on time...I will continue to play and create. I so enjoyed meeting you!
    Take care, Laura

  3. It was my first class also and I just loved it - thank you for the inspiration! so fun. And I posted the pics of you and your friend/daughter from the market in Picasa...

  4. How pretty and fun to meet kindred souls and all the connections~ Amazing~xXx

  5. It's always exciting seeing every one else's version. I'm glad the dresses were a hit!


  6. Anonymous10:24 p.m.

    CoCo, I was most excited about taking your class, I loved it! I see my hand in one of the pictures stitching away. You were a great instructor. I hope to cross paths with you in the future.

  7. These look like stunning creations!!! wish I could have been there to take your class!
    lots of love!
    rocky says hi xoxo

  8. coco!?! i love
    that - is that
    what your dears
    call you???

    anyway - i loved
    your class! it was
    just wonderful -
    thank you for your
    creative inspiration!
    (i was way excited
    to see my "happy"
    dress on your blog!)
    bless your heart!
    happy day to you!


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