Monday, November 15, 2010

The Long Hello, Part I

I'm back from Omaha. So much is going on in my head that I can't find the words. So I'll start with the end and work my way back to Day 1 of Silver Bella.
        Yesterday I had a few hours to kill before going to the airport to catch my flight home, so I went to Second Chance antiques because I hadn't had time to do so before. I spent a while downstairs rooting around the old jewelry and textile stuff and was entertained by Sally Jean, also rooting around. Her friend pulled out a little blue box and told her she should buy it. She didn't think so. I stepped in and pointed out that the colour was Sally Jean Blue. "Put that way, I have to buy it," she said. That Sally Jean. If she could bottle her smile, it would sell very well.
         Upstairs at the cash desk waiting to pay for my little items, I overheard a conversation. Being much bolder as I grow older, I asked the customer what her name was. Annie Lockhart, she answered. There ensued an "I know you, I know you too!!!" exchange.
          When I got to Eppley Airfield, the check-in person didn't have change so I had to pay the baggage fee by credit card. I pulled out my Umbra Bungee credit card holder, and she was fascinated by it. We finished the check-in, and she asked me where I got it etc. etc. It's Canadian, I said, made by Umbra, a Canadian company. Can I get it online? she asked. I had no idea. I must have one, she said.
           Then something happened: Without thinking (I mean, a totally empty mind, so I think it was a kind of intuitive push), I emptied the thing and handed it over to her. She was shocked, I think she babbled a little. But she was very, very happy.

 It's good to leave a little happiness behind.

This morning I woke up to this! A gift from a kindred spirit, Lynn Whipple xo.


  1. How kismet; I love hearing about magic! Please share more! Wonderful to pay it forward and look at your lovely gift~xXx

  2. Dear, dear Colette, it was incredibly wonderful to finally meet you and have you as my teacher at Silver Bella. Kindred spirits indeed ;) p.s. it warms my heart to hear stories like this, but that was exactly the spirit of Silver Bella, and why I loved it there so much
    Zita - Mlle Magpie
    (your fellow Canadian Silver Bella)

  3. art, generosity and happiness is exactly what you share with everyone you encounter. I count myself as so lucky to be one of those people!
    wonderful to meet you this weekend in Omaha...looking forward to another chance sometime.

  4. Oh that was so nice of you -- you are so generous, Colette (but of course, I already know that) . And I LOVE the art from Lynn!

  5. I'm not surprised by your generosity with the wallet. Isn't it so magical when you meet other bloggers/Artists for the first time!? I loved Sall Jean! BTW I am very jealous by your piece by Whipple ;(

    Sandy xox


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