Sunday, October 31, 2010

Almost there

Oh, my aching back! The kits are almost done -- I ran out of fabric and have to get some more tomorrow. Once the fabric is cut, the rest of the kits will be assembled (that's the easy part).

I did take a break and made this. I'll bet you think the B is for Bird. But the B is for Bella, as in Silver. It needs to be ironed, but I was too tired....


Happy Halloween!
[Life's a witch and then you fly]


  1. How sweet;I wish I could go...
    For those of us that can't take plenty of pics!
    Have a marvelous time~xXx

  2. Would you mind if I shared a link to your blog on my Facebook page? I think my fellow bird friends would love it.

  3. Life's a witch; and then you fly! Love it, and had never heard the expression before. Your baby bella dress is adorable too. xo

  4. You're class is going to rock! Have fun at Silver Bella!

    Sandy xox


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