Thursday, September 16, 2010

This is today.
R a i n
A good day to curl up on the couch with a good book and cappuccino.
Except that it's thursday, a work day, and things must be done. I have to go out.
But when I return, I'll curl up with a cup of coffee or maybe hot chocolate, a reward for meeting my obligations regardless of the rain.
Sometimes you have to give yourself incentives and rewards!


  1. Think it is raining all over the world, Colette. It is raining in Toronto, it is raining in Minneapolis and it is even raining in Prague, where I am drinking Italian Hot Chocolate, my new drink of choice. Like melted chocolate with real whipped cream. Mmmm!


  2. Colette,

    Hello! I like your raincloud.
    and your stamps.....

  3. Hi Colette,
    just catching up on your blogs. wonderful as ever. I also saw your peice in Sumerset studio. I was smiling ear to ear as I opened it and found your name in the content list. It was so nice to put a face/blog to a name in a magazine.
    big fan,


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