Tuesday, August 10, 2010


A spread in my visual journal with a legitimate question. I used to wait for them in late August and watch them circling the sky. Some years ago they disappeared. I still think of them and wonder where they are.


  1. I love the image and the faded photo look in behind! Hope you are well xXx

  2. Lovely...I have never ever heard of them, Collette.

  3. I still see them once in a while here in Florida, but not as much as I have in the past. They usually frequent open areas where they can hunt on the wing at dusk... Maybe all the fields have grown over??? I've found that here, as well as other fields being converted into housing developments.

  4. A beautiful and poignant page

  5. Colette,
    We have about 4 of them that we see every night at Bloor and Ossington around our house. wonderful!

  6. I've enjoyed your work for sometime.
    Though I've never seen (recognized)a nighthawk,I always used to love hearing their descending chuckles at nightfall as they dove from the gravel roof tops in our downtown. Right by our LIBRARY actually. Are most of the lowrise, tar and gravel roofs gone? Or do we not travel there anymore? Love your nighthawk stamp!


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