Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shabby grandeur

I love the look of  genteel shabbiness, the kind you see in some of the old Irish houses, not that there are many left. People with money have been able to renovate them and while the more modern look is wonderful, I still prefer the old look.


  1. Me too. I will always prefer "genteel shabbiness" (great description, Colette).

  2. Everything you do has just the right touch!! I love these pages - the background colour, photos, sentiments, composition etc.

  3. I love this; Great did you get the photo to look so milky white or did you make a transfer image? Really lovely~

  4. Anonymous12:00 p.m.

    I love this style too Colette , you can't beat that country shabbiness , I swing between cottages with inglenooks and beams to farmhouses with higher ceilings that allow for generous swathes of beautiful old fabrics.
    Think I'll look out my magazine interiors clippings and dream ..mmm

  5. This is all new to me, Colette. We don't have old Irish houses in the Midwest, as far as I know!


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