Friday, August 20, 2010

I spent yesterday putting out a string of little fires. I'm not one to let things malinger; I prefer to confront little problems and get them out of the way -- stat! The downside is that I get exhausted and I'm thinking I should start meditating again. I've also let my yoga practice (Hatha) go because of tiredness, so it's a vicious circle. But I have to start somewhere, so I will.

There was one bright moment when I looked up from my work and saw a nighthawk circling the park. I watched it until it disappeared into the horizon. It must have sensed the question I asked here and answered me!



  1. I love this sign; YOU are wise to stamp them out early~ I just started doing yoga again, it really does calm you; what kind do you like?

  2. Your portal piece is wonderful. I knew it would be. I also like your new calm colour scheme for your blog. Hugs to you!

  3. Ah, yes...he came to tell you he was still there! I have been outside a few mornings, watching the hummingbirds zip by...always trying to outrun the other! It is a beautiful dance to watch =)

  4. I admire you skill in things confronting immediately. I tend to cower and avoid. Funny thing...I still am immediately relaxed when I hear the music on your blog.
    Beautiful artwork!

  5. Beautiful piece and I'm glad a Nighthawk came to you...

  6. You
    NEVER cease to Amaze me...
    were both so connected to the source that it sometimes rattles me..
    I love the sign that came forth for you~
    Gratitude and Love~
    me xxxxx


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