Monday, August 02, 2010

Day trip

I was charmed by my first visit to St. Jacob's. The first place we stopped at was an antique mall/market and, oh joy, it was fabulous. A great variety of vintage and antique items at breathtakingly good prices! We spent some time there, then headed into St. Jacob's main street where I posted a letter to Australia here:

We visited several of the little shops, and of course the bakery where we tasted the most heavenly maple syrup. One of my friends dragged us out of there because she was afraid of getting addicted; it was that good. Then we had lunch. For a few dollars,  I had a battered fish sandwich with slaw that melted in my mouth -- delicious! More wandering, a chat with a beaming Mennonite woman in another antique mall, and a little shopping.

Muskoka chairs

The Maple Leaf forever!

Treasures. I collect silver spoons, only the ones I truly love. This one was $5, sterling, and wrapped in a plastic bag with a label hiding the handle. I saw many spoons that I liked but this one is the one I chose. I snapped it up without opening the wrapping. When I got home I took it out of its back and on the handle I saw an initial that stunned me! It's an initial that's very dear to me.


  1. sychronicity at it's Finest~~~~~~xxxxx

  2. I think you have there a great day 1
    love ♥RINI♥ the Netherlands

  3. looks like you had fun, good for your soul, day.
    love your paintings.

  4. Serendipity, Colette. p.s. I'm so excited, I just signed up for Silver Bella (Project Runway here I come!)!!!

  5. Awww for your Beloved, John. How intensely wonderful!


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