Saturday, July 31, 2010

The painter in me has really taken to backgrounds for collage. I used to happily smoosh paint over big canvasses; now I'm doing it on paper: huge sheets of heavy watercolour paper that I tear into rectangles and get that deckled edge that I love. Initially I shied away from backgrounds for collage because I found all that layering and painting over the layers and layering again, on and on, a bit tedious, and I really didn't care for the effect except in very few cases. Now I've discovered that I can paint the way I normally do, adding a bit of stamping, and get an effect I really love.

This is a detail from the latest collage. I copied the bird from one of those old engravings and painted it to look like a stencil. The portrait is from one of Stampington Studio's free clips (summer 2008, my debut issue!)


  1. You are so brave; I wish I could go to Silver Bella and meet you this year! YOU must be so excited~ Someday, perhaps...
    Awe the colors~xXx

  2. Love the bird! I've been experimenting using acrylic paints on vellum to make backgrounds for oil paintings. Stamping would be a good way to add some interest... Thanks for the idea!

  3. I recognize this birdie...from my recent b-day card!!


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