Thursday, June 24, 2010

A thing of beauty

I was airing my tiny collection of antique lace which is made up of Belgian and Irish pieces. I inherited the Belgian piece. On one of my return trips to Ireland I met up with a former classmate who took me on an antique lace-finding tour. She herself was a lacemaker and knew all about Irish lace. I found a few pieces, collars, a jabot, beautifully made, substantial and intricate.

The Belgian piece in the photo is extraordinary too. It would have been a "collar" to adorn a dress (it actually looks like part of a national costume); today it would be stitched on the sides and called a shrug!


  1. That is gorgeous!

  2. what a lovely thing to uncover. will you wear it?

  3. It's lovely... as is your cuff in the prior post.

  4. That is beautiful Colette! Riki

  5. stunning . . . . I have a whole host of lace collars that have somehow crept into my house and am not entirely sure what to do with them . . . .



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