Wednesday, June 23, 2010


[Breaking news: It seems there was an earthquake in Ontario and Quebec, and in downtown Toronto. You could have fooled me. I'm in Midtown Toronto and I didn't feel a thing. Happily it was low on the Richter scale, but unusual nevertheless.]

One deadline met, another to go. My prep work is done in my head, and when my head gets too busy, I make things. I have these lovely antique collars. Here's what I did with one of them: I made a summery, ethereal cuff, reminiscent of afternoon tea and croquet on the lawn. Pass the clotted cream, please!


  1. Divine.....simply.

  2. oooooo, Pretty! and I like your music. :)

  3. So lovely! You have inspired me so much! I can't wait to share with you soon!

  4. I thought of you and wondered; Glad, you are okay! Scary...

    This is lovely, I want a scone and some Earl Grey tea...yummy, I mean your work~


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