Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Some of the most beautiful beads I've seen are Kazuri beads from Kenya, so I was very happy to meet the Canadian supplier at a bead fair here. I bought a few, something that required a lot of discipline because there was so much and it was all gorgeous. I made this for myself, simple, but perfect for me.

And I used this luscious green bead for a more elaborate necklace (available in my Etsy shop).


  1. They are the most wonderful.I was thinking of them the other day and want to buy some to make a special piece for my store but I am afraid I could not stop.


  2. Hi Collette,
    I just love your blog and art work.
    I bought your birdcage stamp and I love it.
    I purchased it at Bizzy B's and that is how I found out you live in Toronto. I grew up there, east end.(Morningside area)
    I don't live there anymore.
    I hope our path's will cross one day, be so fun to meet you.
    I will love following your blog, really awesome artwork !!
    I will be back. LOL
    Enjoy your day, Hugs Laura. xoxx


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