Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I've been keeping an eye out for her for years; I didn't search too hard, I knew I would recognize her when I found her. My inspiration, alter ego, call her what you will. Finally, there she was, calling out to me from an old photograph. She came to me from France, and she has settled in nicely. Her name is a mystery. I haven't named her because she already has a name, even though I don't know it, and I'm respecting that.


  1. very interesting! I wanted to say I loved your work in Sew Somerset~ ;-D

  2. Colette, she's beautiful! Love it. Riki

  3. She is wonderful, Colette.

  4. C'est un merveilleux mystère :)

    I can't wait for our meet up in July!

    Sandy xox


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