Monday, May 31, 2010

Why Not Collage

I love collage because it is limitless. I coffee-dye tags, why not dye rather than paint the paper? So I experimented with coffee and inks. I made the collage, and then I thought, why not hand-stitch rather than use the machine. So I did. This collage is truly "mixed" media!


  1. This is beautifully simple Colette. You are so good at experimenting. I tend to stick to tried and tested but I think I miss out on a lot that way.

    Sorry to hear of the heatwave you have had. I am dreading our summer as I think we are in for very hot and dry weather too. I like moisture in the air otherwise I feel dessicated. Must be the Irish/Scots heritage.

  2. Very cool! It is amazing how you can put somthing lovely together out of such simple things.

    I do love to coffee dye. I also add vanilla...just because I love the scent it adds. And next time, in the spirit of experimentation, I will add cinnamon!

  3. Your collage is both inspiring and delightful - as always!

  4. It is so hot n' humid here, still now, 76 at 11:51pm Yeah, time for bed; I had caffeine to late in the day! I love this and how you are
    open to experimenting!


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