Saturday, May 29, 2010

The powers that be took pity on us and turned on the air-conditioning yesterday. Naturally, the weather cooled too. But still, I'm happy they didn't wait for June 1 to turn it on. It's a lifesaver for me because I get nervy and headachy in hot, humid weather. I turn it on to cool the place, then turn it off. Meanwhile, it was snowing in Alberta. There's a climate shift going on for sure.

I was looking for a way to photography this bit of stitchery, when I spied my little salvaged frame hanging emptily on the wall (I like empty frames as decor). So I slid the piece in and voilà!

The quilt is available in my Etsy shop. SOLD.


  1. I love houses, this is really special~

  2. This is great! I cherish the fabric house I bought from you last year!

    Sandy xox

  3. I am so totally in love with this piece and so happy that I can see it everyday in real life!! :)


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