Thursday, May 06, 2010

Hoarding with a purpose

I usually choose things that I really am drawn to, without any preconceived ideas. It may take a day or a year to do something with them, but I've learned not to rush things. Take this little doll's dress: old, shabby, torn, it said "take me home." About a year later, it's found a home of its own. If you don't know what to do with something, anything in life really, don't push it. No sense pushing against the river. Let it come to you. It usually will.

[This collage/assemblage is available in my Etsy shop]


  1. thanks so much for the approval perspective by stating "hoarding with a purpose"...i too gather stuff without knowing exactly what the outcome will be BUT it has usually turned out as a special gift @ the perfect time for those that needed it! i just never thought of it as hoarding with a purpose, thank you! ;)

  2. Anonymous1:47 p.m.

    .....Hmmmm!...does this give me license to carry on regardless?!!!

    Anon x

  3. What a pretty little dress and I loved the sweet additions to it.

  4. Hi Colette,
    As a fellow hoarder...I know just what you mean...I have been playing with my doll dresses lately too!
    Looking forward to your class at Silver Bella!
    :) Laura

  5. Anonymous2:01 p.m.

    Oh yeah. Once you learn to recycle materials creatively, you grow another set of eyes. I've turned into such a magpie, even picking up beautifully rusted bottle caps from the parking lot and lusting after the kitschy claim tickets from the dry cleaners.

  6. I love how you repurposed this dress! There is something so fun about making old things new again, and you have done just that with this piece! Such fun! ~Sarah


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