Friday, May 07, 2010

Friday's Child

I know I make fun of (with) the birds, but it's done affectionately. Let's say: affectionate humour. The only birdie I don't mess with is the sparrow. I love sparrows, I find them very sweet. Living amid all this greenery for the last many years, I've come to appreciate nature and the creatures so much more. Hug a tree? No problem. Talk to the birds (and the occasional squirrel), no problem.

[Update on the Winged Messenger on David's tree: I finally had the courage to go and look. All that remained was a tiny piece of paper which leads me to think it was torn off the string that I had knotted around a branch. I can only hope that the person who took it needs it more....]


  1. I'm sorry the winged messenger is gone... Maybe whoever took it really needed some inspiration in their life... As for your birds... I love them. I've never seen them as you making fun of or with... you just put a cute and whimsical slant to them, which I find delightful.

  2. I LOVE this bird Colette! Are you selling it?

  3. Anonymous1:52 p.m.

    He looks like a very "knowing" bird. I like him!

  4. Anonymous4:54 p.m.

    .....Hmmmm......disappointed, but not surprised Colette.There is always one isn't there.But lets hope a little bird took it to help make a nest.Because she wouldn't know she was doing wrong. That's what I am going to think anyway.Anon x


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