Thursday, January 21, 2010

Grey skies

The grey days continue like some kind of gestation period, and maybe that's the purpose. I think the seasons are a little confused right now, like the little wind that's blowing here and there, not really knowing where to go. Since there's no sense to push against it, we'll just flow with it, and wait.


  1. Nice watercolor, Colette!
    Spring will be here before we
    even know it :+)

  2. Ahhh.. your water colors are so pure and simply wonder full.

  3. such a wonderful gathering of artists for such a well needed cause~ of course you would be a part of it! love you friend~ xxxxxx

  4. I am sure the seasons are confused.. yesterday was really hot, today we need a jumper... autumn feel in the air here and summer is not over.


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