Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Be prepared

I like ceramic tiles. If I could, I would have, say, a backsplash in my kitchen of plain (neutral) tiles punctuated with just one image that made me happy. Meanwhile I have to content myself with "faux" tiles...

The cooler weather, although unusual for the last few days of August, has been a boon for walks and outdoor cafés. There seems to be an infestation of bees -- or are they wasps? I can't tell; we had to fend them off at the café yesterday and I've noticed they're flitting around my balcony.
Someone told me the other day that the Farmer's Almanac is forecasting a very cold winter and that he was planning to move to B.C. for the winter. No such luxury for me, I said, so I'd better buy some more thick socks and send in my order for hot chocolate. Meanwhile, I'll take it one day at a time, cross my bridges when I come to them, all the while being prepared.


  1. J'adore cette nouvelle peinture.
    Je vois bien une série avec des fruits rouges.

  2. That "faux" tile up there looks great. Have a great September.

  3. They are wasps; it's my understanding that it's a city wide problem. Apparently the excess garbage caused them to breed way more than normal. I actually couldn't eat my lunch outside a couple of days ago; they chased me inside. I was being swarmed. We've had wasps in the backyard before of course, but this is the worst I recall.

  4. be careful if they are wasps.. if they look like bees, then they could be that European wasp, not sure if you have those there.
    by the way ~ I have one of your little hearts near my bed at the moment, the one marked Fragile xo

  5. I love your olives..I love olives.... Olive all your art...heeheee! I don't love winter tho..I found that out in Portland..so this winter I'll be happily warm in the Tropics..love that!

  6. do you have a ceramics class nearby? you could make your beautiful tiles come true. if not a whole back splash then a few trivets for hot pots. :0)i was just looking at the ceramics classes at my local fine art center. there's a portrait sculpture class i am strongly considering. it sounds like a dream come true for me.


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