Friday, July 03, 2009

City scapes

Toronto is a very negotiable city. I don't own a car, I take the subway and I walk. And this is what it looks like.

Ashley's China, view from Balmuto St.

Indigo bookstore (Stampington magazines sold here)

Looking north on Yonge St.

Bird feed containers at Indigo

A stationery tree (Ashley's)

In other news, royalty is visiting Canada: the Emperor of Japan and Paul McCartney (although not together!)


  1. Love that phrase Tweet tweet time to eat!!

  2. Great views of your city Colette. Much cleaner than London..ha ha. That stationery tree is great and that bookshop...well, I would be in their for hours. I have just found a local shop selling lots of foreign and more unusual magazines and they also sell the Stampington Somerset magazines so I will have a look for you.

  3. I like the stationary tree. Did that Starbucks close? (like many in the down sizing)

  4. Penny, no the Starbucks is open. It's the highway that's closed for repairs, and the upstairs of Starbucks is for lease.


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