Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And here is the bookstore

This is where I work part-time. My very first job ever was in a bookstore. It's like coming full circle. Maybe it's a sign that the next step is to be able to support myself solely through my art.


  1. what a wonderful place to spend time in...i feel so at home in bookstores~ xo

  2. If I got a job it would be in a small bookstore.
    Not like Barns and Nobel or Borders, but a small one with used books too!
    Ah, Heaven!

  3. I love book stores. That's a really nice one. I like the ones that offer a place to sit and drink coffee and review the books. Thx for sharing.

  4. Anonymous5:08 p.m.

    .....there's a book missing off that shelf!I think it's called ....'The Diaries of Colette Copeland' that would make a good read!....she has such a way with words!

    Hope you are saving some energy to tackle your own bookshelves!!!

    Anon the Elder......OXOXO

  5. I love this shop. It looks like it would be interesting to work there. Is it?

  6. Ooh, I could spend my life in a bookstore, I just love the smell of books and the ability they have of taking us out this world.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me a chance to discover yours!


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