Sunday, June 28, 2009

My first love

Painting is my first love. Whatever else I discover and do and enjoy, I always go back to painting. I am self-taught: that is, I started with a fervent desire to paint; I studied the masters and their use of light and perspective, among other things; I spent hours in art galleries; I read textbooks; I experimented, I practised, practised, practised, and practised some more. I figured out techniques by trial and error. It took years before I would let my work out before the public. And even then I knew I would have to keep learning. I am still learning.

While working at the bookstore, I was looking through a book on interior design and saw a photograph of a white dress, or it may have been an Edwardian petticoat, hanging on an armoire: more than anything, it was the composition that grabbed my eye. The image stuck in my mind and I knew I wanted to paint it -- not the photograph, but the idea of it, which in my mind became a white, ethereal, almost ghost-like dress floating timelessly in space.


  1. Beautiful, Colette.

  2. Oh Colette....this. is. beautiful!!!! I just love it ~ xxoo, Dawn

  3. Fabulous!!! It's like a promise waiting to happen ...a promise of something that will transform you.

  4. always! xxoo

  5. So elegant

    Sorry, I haven't popped by much this past week, things will get easier over the next couple of weeks x

  6. HI there, this is gorgeous!



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