Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekend update

A little dress hanging from a chopstick. The faux stitching to simulate mending was inspired by Ruth Rae (if Ruth didn't exist we would have to invent her! we have similar tastes in the quiltie department and I always find her work inspiring.)

After my second session at the Yoga studio, I decided to go back to practising at home. The first teacher was good, but she threw in some of her own moves ("dance" movements, she told me proudly. Huh?) that I wasn't too keen on. The second on relied more on bricks and sandbags and bolsters and gods! This is supposed to be Hatha yoga. If you want to create your own, then don't call it Hatha! We were only 5 people in the class, and the teacher crouched down to one of the students and had a long conversation with her, which I found very distracting. I started getting tense, but I stuck through it. When I left I knew I wouldn't be coming back.

Some things you cannot improve on.

I started hatha yoga many years ago with an instructor who was excellent. All she required was a mat. I took classes with her regularly, until she left. Her classes made me fit in mind and body, and I really miss her. I will just have to discipline myself and practise at home, regularly. I can do this because she taught me well. I have done it, I just need to get back into it.


  1. Colette, that dress is absolutely stunning! Beautiful work!!

  2. Anonymous4:30 a.m.

    .........of course you could always become the teacher!!!.....and have an orange at half time!!!.....over the sink!

    Haven't left the planet...I am working flat out!.....painting!....a picket fence!

    Will catch up later...must dash!

    Anon the Elder.....OXOXO

  3. you CAN practice at home..I do! I never go to a studio anymore either. But..I do have all those strpas, bolsters, blocks..for Yin Yoga! Love you Yogini friend!xoxo

  4. Having the right instructor makes all the difference, doesn't it? Good luck with home yoga!

  5. me too, I need to practice at home.. once you have had a good teacher it is always hard to find another.


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