Saturday, February 28, 2009

Completing a project

This is my Bird by Bird Journal. It involved 20 collages on board. A couple of days ago, I heaved a sigh of relief that I had finished it, and all it needed was to be bound together (I will probably use ribbons threaded through punched holes). But something about it didn't feel right. I went through it again and again, but I couldn't see anything wrong. Still, that little feeling proved stubborn. I took note, and trusted that it would give me more explicit information.

Last night, as I was going through mounds of paper and stuff, I saw it: painted and readied for collaging, one more board for my journal. I quickly counted my finished book and discovered it was missing one page. Now it's finished. Always listen to that little voice, especially when it won't go away!


  1. your book is so beautiful dear friend..
    please e-mail me your address? i had it once and lost it. i have some things for you. and thank you for the comment you help my wounded heart.
    love nita

  2. I love the cute! Are you selling, swapping it, doing a journal exchange? karen...

  3. that little voice is always very wise :)

    ooh just have to tell you the word verification is: pirched

  4. Oh Lovely lovely!!!

    And you are going on a voyage?? How magical!! Say Hi to everyone at Stampington for me!!! I love those gals!!

    May you have a safe and wonderful trip!!

    PS: This bird journal is sublime!! I spend a huge amount of time outside with the birds. There are sooo many here, and they are sooooo active!! Bird love abound!! xoxo

  5. It looks stunning! And you're so right about the little voice! xoxox

  6. Anonymous4:27 p.m.

    .....and word by word!....and I yearn to read those words...because I know they will be worth reading.You are teasing us Colette with that lovely cover! Now I want to see the inside too!

    You are about to embark on a very well deserved holiday!

    Keep safe and have a wonderful time!.....Anon the Elder......OOOOO

  7. You create a wonderful book!

  8. Anonymous9:12 a.m.

    You book is wonderful. the cover invites you in and I imagine it is a delight to turn each page. I hope you post the binding too.

    the redpolls arrived in our yard this week. There were dozens of them raiding the feeders and I got a bunch of lovely pictures.

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

  9. maybe I should start mine.... er.... it's started, kind of..... well, maybe..... anyway, I digress. Your's looks GREAT -- can't wait to see it in person!Have a lovely trip!!!

  10. I love it! Yes, please share the inside too!

  11. Your bird journal looks elegant and fresh Colette. I hope I get a chance to see it before it's sold!


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