Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A welcome visitor


My friend Ludgera dropped by on her dog walk today. She brought biscotti, and of course the precious doglet, Skippy. Skippy is like a younger sister to my other favorite dog, Django, but very different to yet another favorite dog, Cleo.

My little friend Grace wants to know if I have a dog yet. alas, no. Not yet. That's why I was so happy to have some cuddles with Skippy.

I'm beginning to sound like a soppy dog person, so I'll stop right here.


  1. Very nice Colette! I especially like the links you made and of course the buttons! =)

  2. Good Morning Sweet Colette! Congratulations on the Somerset Memories!!! That's awesome:) My email is askarteology@yahoo.com

    I can't wait to see your art piece!!!

    "Glide, don't sink, when things are difficult; soar when they are not." These are very wise words my friend:) Love, Jamie

  3. Anonymous9:06 a.m.

    ........DO NOT!......I repeat....DO NOT visit the rescue centre!....or you will come away from there with many mongrels....and shall be known locally as the Dog Lady!...I have this vision ..... five dogs trailing behind you...all wearing 'Coats by Colette'

    Anon the Elder....OOOOO

  4. What a wonderful blog!Loved the Eiffel tower necklace.
    Please drop by and get your award from me hugs ginger

  5. Dogs are great..I could not make it without my dog!He is my constant companion.,,in good time and bad, Uhoh..now I'm the soppy one...Go get a DAWG!

  6. You should get a dog, colette! I think dogs are great to have, I want one so bad!


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