Monday, January 26, 2009

An apple a day

In the winter months when I can't have my cherries and peaches and figs and.... I eat apples. I have one daily as a snack at night. I decided to try a honey crisp, and as I peeled the little label off, I noticed the apple had come all the way from France.
Bienvenue au Canada, ma chère pomme!


  1. do you realize how good this one apple a day is for you??? excellent choice !!!! xoxo

  2. Anonymous9:21 a.m.

    Well done you!
    ...yes,you know what they apple a day.......I wonder if the same applies to Pringles....a packet a
    Anon the Elder....OOOOO

  3. There is something about this apple....mmmm. I can taste the juicy crispness. I have discovered these apples here in WI but, alas, mine don't come all the way from France....
    I have enjoyed looking at all your latest creations. Lovely as usual.
    I am thinking back to the One World One Heart event when I first foudn your blog. Do visit me as I am participating again this year!


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