Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday work

[Collage on canvas Detail (c) colette copeland]

If the rain stops, I might go out for a walk, although it is getting dark. Thanks to the weather, I reopened the workshop. I've listed some new items on eBay.

Don't eat too much chocolate!


  1. too late..and now i am paying for it, the chocolate that is!

  2. Thanks for my blog comment - have a wonderful New Year Colette.

  3. Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel, and Happy Hanukkah.
    I hope you were able to go for your walk, and breathe deeply the
    spirits of the season.

    As the sun fades into open glory, and the moon calls your name,
    you answered,
    with the silence of the birds
    who gently snuggle
    in the pines.


    my subtle way of responding - too late ... the chocolate already got me.

    the Hershey kiss of death.

    hugs n' chocolate

  4. I already ate way too much chocolate!

  5. Pretty bird, with his red hat! Oh and I've already got that chocolat thing going.....

  6. LOve the celebratory birdie red hat! My chocolate thing will have to be the movie Chocolat...after devouring a few slices of chocolate cheesecake I want to be able to button my new jeans. Now it's cold turkey ( literally!)

  7. I feel so lucky that I don't really HAVE to have chocolate. It's the bread that's my undoing.

  8. I am starting my diet again tommorow! Chocolate, arrgh. My downfall. LoL
    Hope you have a beautiful week. Love Nita

    And thank you..

  9. Such a sweet, sweet little bird!


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