Monday, December 29, 2008

Good Day

This is a photo of my beautiful friend Sandra. She lives in Wales. We're very alike. She thinks I'm psychic, but it's only because we think the same way...

I was out today. Out! Nice weather, no excuse for huddling indoors. Everything was normal, although New Year's is looming, and we have to get through that too (mostly, I miss getting mail during these long holidays). I got my orders mailed, did some grocery shopping, got supplies at the art supply store, and managed to stay away from sales. Not that I need anything, or have the funds to waste.

I gave all my chocolates to the concierge.


  1. Unluckily, the after xmas sales snagged me and made me spend, spend, spend...yes, I do want to sew anything and everything! why didn't I do this ages ago? I don't know!


  2. I did not get out to the sales but am going to our local junkyard today to see what I might be able to purchase. Your friend is indeed beautiful. You were very smart about the chocolate!! Out of sight, out of mind, sort of.

  3. Colette, you have such will power.. I would have eaten the chocolates on the way to the concierge... have a wonderful New Years Eve... I guess with all those art supplies, you will be having fun creating something gorgeous. And I wish you a blessed, peaceful 2009 xo

  4. What?? You gave away your chocolats! .... Whoaaaaa. Ha ha, Any way Sandra looks like a very charming gal!Weather is better here too..all snow is gone.

  5. A lovely photo of your friend Sandra Colette. I am sure she enjoyes a very special friendship with you!

    I hope that 2009 brings lots of wonderful experiences your way. You deserve every success (personally and professionally).

    Dot xx

  6. Gave all your chocolates to the concierge? I bet you are very popular. That shows remarkable willpower. Your friend has a lovely smile and a certain grace about her presence. Happy New Year, dear Colette! xoxox

  7. Oh Sandra's greatness is all in her name..hee,hee! It was very brave of you to give your chocolates away and bravo for staying away from the stores around boxing day. Happy New Year!

    P.S I love your new banner!

    Sandy xox

  8. Anonymous12:57 p.m.

    ......if at first you don't succeed.......go and have some chocolate! Or in your case....go and talk nice to the concierge!.....Little Miss Determined shall not give up.....hope this works!...Sandra x

  9. I love your friend's gorgeous green tunic and all the greening energy around her! She is indeed very lovely. I know I'd like her too! are strong of will. I just polished some chocolate dipped pretzels...oh at least I got some 'grains' with it. Lucky concierge!


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