Thursday, November 13, 2008

The week slips by

I took a break. I spent a whole day not making anything.

Meanwhile, my fabulous nephew was walking the runway. Who knew? He is the model for a hot new Texas designer, Oscar. They are going places, mark my words. You heard it here first!!!


  1. YOur nephew is so very handsome! I'll be watching for this! You must be very proud of him! :) When I saw the photo I immediately thought what is that lucky Colette doing at the NYC Spring 'o9 Fashion show taking photos of the handsome male models. ;D

  2. Hey C-
    I may be a married woman, but your nephew is one hott texan stud muffin!!! shhhh!!! my husband didn't see me write this comment! hehehe! I think he resembles you in a way...It's nice to take a break from making art once in a while...have a good night sleep! love ya!
    Hugs and Kisses,

  3. Lovely shot of your nephew Colette! Hope the designer he is working for does very well.

  4. He is gorgeous Colette! He must meet my dd *wink*

  5. Diane, thank you...but...Mr. Wonderful is married. You'll be glad to know that she's a Texan, though. :)))

  6. Oh, my - he is quite the handsome guy! Lucky wife! xo


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