Thursday, October 16, 2008


I made this necklace in between finishing a medical translation and working on an article for Somerset Memories. Twisting wire is very restful. Not for the fingers, but for the mind.

I wish I could regale you with exciting tales of my daily life, but I don't have any. The last week has been very quiet. But tomorrow, I'm going to the Creative festival and then socializing with my art friends.


  1. Sometimes, excitement is not all it's cracked up to be. During certain stressful parts of my life, I have found myself being grateful for a normal day. May you continue to have normal days Colette.

  2. What a fine necklace!
    Creative festival - sounds interesting! I hope you are inspired.

    And finally, my tickets came in the mail today! Merci beaucoup! I am going to pass some of them on to my niece for her France scrapbook. Mine will be saved for...???
    Thank you again!

  3. i too find twisting wire so meditative. this is just lovely and inspiring. love the colors.

    i long for a quiet week. what must that feel like?????

    hugs my friend,

  4. This is lovely!
    Learning to make jewelry is my next project.
    I love the colors in this!
    Enjoy the peace, it will be crazy again! karen....

  5. That is a really lovely necklace, Colette! I like the combination of colours - vintage, with a modern twist. (And so glad you're doing an article for Somerset Memories). xoxox

  6. Dear Colette!
    I have something for You at my blog! A late birthday present perhaps!
    Mail me Your adress and I will send it to You as soon as I can!


  7. You know I love your jewelry. :)

  8. This is lovely Colette. Gorgeous color combinations..


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