Wednesday, October 15, 2008


(detail from collage (c) colette copeland)

Yesterday we voted.

Today we have a new government. Sort of. Not really. The Conservatives got back in, but they are still a minority government. I don't take responsibility because I voted Liberal, as I always do. Happily I also like my MP, Dr. Carolyn Bennett.

It's weird for me to hear how the word "liberal" is an insult, in some quarters, in the U.S.


  1. It's only the right-wingers who consider "liberal" an insult in the US. Good for you for voting Liberal. Hope the "smaller majority" of the Conservatives will mean better government for Canada. xoxox

  2. Forgot to say that's a lovely collage! xoxox

  3. Me too!
    I see it as "open minded"!
    Cheers cute Colette!
    karen in CA...

  4. I know, I know....I went to Washington, DC over the weekend (having voted LIBERAL in the advanced poll - just in case) and came back to a flipping loss in my riding and now we have a Conservative. Yuck. Oh well, not that anything changes except the millions of dollars spent on a useless election and possibly a shake up in our Liberal party. I am getting involved this time for sure. I wonder when it will all shake out?

  5. I love this collage. Like looking into a dream. I don't give much thought to those terms liberal, right, left, red, blue, conservative. Too many Americans are hung up on these labels to feel important, have a voice, or something. In a way it's pathetic.

  6. I voted Liberal too and I'm glad I did as he just squeaked through in our riding by 123 votes!


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