Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday's child

(available here)
I finished a project that I enjoyed very much: a fabric book. I have no instructions on how to put it together, but I managed to figure it out. What I love about making fabric pages is that they're so pliable and you can stitch and embellish without having to glue anything (confession: I dislike gluing, but it's necessary in paper collage).

Happy Hallowe'en!


  1. Oh that really has a feeling of family and sisterhood to it. Does your book have a it based on the women in your family?

    Happy Halloween from NJ!

  2. This is gorgeous Colette! I love the rich colors, textures! Happy Hallowe'en to you too! Don't eat too much candy corn. ;) ps. You've got me all a "flutter". xxxooo

  3. That's so pretty, Colette! Love it! Hope you enjoy Halloween and the weekend. Next week, it is hoped positive change is coming for us all! xoxox

  4. Oh, Colette, this is such a beautiful fabric book. Your colors are always so delicious to me =)

  5. beautiful. I love fabric books, just turning the pages doees something for my soul. I must make another one soon.


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