Thursday, October 30, 2008


A question often asked is: what does "Etsy" mean? And apparently no one knows. The Etsy people have been a little coy about it too, and haven't explained it, hinting that they may not know either.

Well. Bear with me.

While on the Danforth (Toronto's Greektown), I was practising my Greek in a pastry shop where they make those airy little yeast pastries dipped in sugar syrup and..but I digress. I asked the owner how he was doing. "Etsy-geh-tsy," he said. (Greek expression meaning "So-so".)

The words stuck in my head because there was something familiar in those words....and then it hit me.


Which is the Greek word for "like this" (or "like so").

You read it here first!

Evrika! (I found) -- why is it EUreka in English, when it's EVrika in Greek, the original word? It's not like we don't have the letter V.


  1. Brilliant! How many languages are you fluent in?

  2. You are so right. There is an article on etsy about the word. Very interesting.

  3. You clever person you - very interesting.

  4. A-hah! Very interesting. Oh the Danforth...I have good memories of walking in that neighborhood. There are some cute shops in that 'hood. :)

  5. Fascinating! Who knew??!! xo


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