Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The shoe

When I get an inner shove to cross the road and go into Payless shoes, I don't question it, I just do it. I go in, and I find these, only one pair left, and it's in my size, and it's 50% off the already low price.
The important part: This shoe is modelled on a 1940s style, and I was looking at 1940s-style shoes in a shop that specializes in [newly made] old styles, beautifully made in leather, and prices that would put me in debt for another year! I so wanted a pair -- but being financially responsible, I let it go.
And then yesterday, there they were. Not leather, stripey, but what the hey! they fit beautifully and look great!


  1. They are adorable Colette and so YOU. I love that 40's bow/wedge look too! What a find!!! you go girl! :)

  2. they are SO you! see how things work out when we "put the intention" out there?! xxoo

  3. So Betty Grable~I like them too =)

  4. I love shoes, and these are great!
    I am sure they will look great on you.
    xoxo Nita

  5. Definitely a Betty Grable look to them. Retro is so amazingly popular now that we are seeing it through fresh eyes.

  6. They are beautiful shoes Colette - and very you. Sounds like they were meant to be!


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