Tuesday, September 02, 2008

More hearts

[both hearts are available on eBay]

A meditation: sit somewhere comfortable, work with your hands, and think of nothing.

How to think of nothing: That's just a figure of speech because I don't think anyone is capable of sustained nothing-thinking, but you can stop a thought from taking over. As a thought goes through your mind, do not let it amplify and lead to more thoughts. You're in control. Say: Stop. This makes you aware before the thought carries you away to the next thought and the next and the next. As with all worthwhile things, practice makes perfect or near-perfect. Give your mind a rest, especially from negative thoughts.


  1. Your hearts are so sweet Colette! I read what the lady wrote about your laundry series too and that is awesome!!


  2. I love your little fabric hearts! I just came across your blog via Paris Apartment and I love it! I'm looking forward to reading more :)

  3. Did you know i make little hearts too? i love them. i have all sorts..
    i love your hearts, they are magical.
    xoxo nita

    p.s one day i will post some of mine..

  4. Bonjour! wonderful words of wisdom!Your lil hearts are so soft and serene....

  5. These are beautiful. The bottom one reminds me of spring.


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