Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Yesterday I closed the book on a very old issue. It was a shock because the result was negative, but as my sister said: Don't look at it as a negative; you're free of it now. True.

And so here are my gratitudes for the day.

1. My sister.

2. Letter from the Ontario Breast Screening Program confirming my good health.

3. A certain magazine editor in Laguna Hills, Calif., who almost made me cry with an email that boosted my confidence today of all days when I most needed it.

4. Generous friends who support my little art business and help it grow. You know who you are, and I value you so much.

5. Andrew, my chiropractor, who in two sessions, fixed my back and let me live without pain again.

I'll leave it there for now, although my list is much longer.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. friends like you!

  2. Oh, yippee, can you tell me more details on #3? =)
    1. I am grateful for my life.
    2. My faith in God.
    3. My husband and daugher.
    4. My Mother surviving breast cancer this past year.
    5. My comfortable job that gives me $$ to spend on travel and art.
    More of course.....
    Thanks for asking =)

  3. I am grateful for friends.
    And for my family..

    For the wind when it brushes across my face in the morning as I walk the dogs.

    I am grateful for God..

    I am grateful for color..and for sound..and for sight..

    good candles..They make the day enjoyable.

    and for you..xoxo Nita

  4. I am grateful for:
    1.Three wonderful daughters
    2.A great partner
    3.A job that I love
    4.My continued good health
    5.My little house in the country
    6.Normal days

  5. Grateful for the blogging world!
    I love your little gratitude heart!

  6. I am grateful for blogger friends like you, art, my family, my health....


  7. I am grateful to have you as a friend! And so glad you've had good news about your health and lots of other things. xoxox


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