Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Economics 101

[Photo: Two women, Long Beach, CA, 1942, Library of Congress]

I know!
Send Suze Orman to Washington. Pair her up with Nancy Pelosi. Get rid of that man who wants to be in control of the $700 billion with no accountability to anyone, and see if the two women don't fix the mess lickety-split.

To paraphrase Suze Orman: No bail-out today; result: 1.2 trillion dollars lost on the Stock Market in 6 hours. That's almost double the "bail-out" money.

There are a lot of qualified, intelligent, experienced women around. Let them govern for a change.


  1. Can you just imagine that the bail- out package didn't get passed because somebody didn't like Pelosi's comments? What a bunch of babies. I'll bet the attitude would have been different if a man had delivered the speech. I think I'll move to Canada.
    Love your humor.

  2. Hear hear! You are so right! Just thank your lucky stars that you are in Canada cute Colette! It is a mess here in the States!

  3. Right On Colette!!

  4. Anonymous11:16 a.m.

    You forgot one little thing...

    Let the smart, sassy women - plus Dennis Kucinich - govern! (Sorry, I had too... Kucinich is my hero.)

    And yes yes yes yes at the bail out being denied. I hate how its being referred to as socialist - I'm a socialist and it goes against my very views. It would not help the common people at all.. it would only pilfer more money from the working class!! It wouldn't solve a thing. Its just helping the rich, which isn't a socialist ideal at all

    Okay... now that I've totally gotten off my original point and onto a soapbox, I'm going to leave it be. I'm sorry for ranting, its not easy to set me off ha


  5. Appareils, sorry no men allowed. (Although I understand you.) They had their chance! Haha!!


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