Thursday, September 18, 2008

A good week

It's been a really good week, for which I am grateful.

My sales are up -- a huge thank you to my customers -- so my budget is a little more comfortable, and I'm working on some items for GreenCraft, a new eco magazine from Stampington that's due to make an appearance next year.

Yesterday I had an appointment at Women's College Hospital. Every two years (because I'm deemed to be low-risk), they send me a letter to go and have my mammogram. They take such good care of you there. It's all over in 5 minutes and you see the results on a monitor. Clean, go home. Thank you. Then a follow-up letter is sent to you confirming the results.

The election people came to the door to make sure I was on the voting list for the Federal elections next month. In Canada you don't have to register with any party to vote; you just have to be on the voters' list. It's a privilege to cast my vote, so I always do it. Someone, I forget who, asked me about our elections: We have a Parliament and a Senate. If a government is behaving badly they can be brought down by a "No Confidence" vote in Parliament and we elect a new government. If a government feels safe, it will call an election believing it will be re-elected (still a risk because it can backfire). A couple of months of campaigning and we go to the polls, and presto! a new government.

This evening I'm getting together with a couple of good friends to see The Women and have some R&R.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. So glad for your good news at the doctor's. Hope you enjoy the film - am anxious to see that one. I saw The Duchess in London and liked it, although I found K Knightley's eyebrows distracting and her expression doesn't change that much. But all in all, an excellent film. Good news about your work for the new mag, too! xoxox

  2. Lots of beautiful art, no wonder your etsy shop is doing so well, you have been busy.

    Still love your darling birdies!

  3. This is beautiful!! Hope you had fun with your friends!

  4. I love this heart -- is it part of a larger piece?
    I have mammograms yearly (I'm high risk). They are pretty wonderful at Mount Sinai too! I always have mine in August.
    And YAY ! -- I'm glad that your sales are up.

  5. your texture-y heart is bee u ti ful! I love the way I can almost feel it from here!


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