Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday's child

Girls' night out was great. The Women was the perfect movie for the occasion. It's a remake of 1930s movie, and, obvious differences aside, there was one very interesting touch: Not one male character or even passersby/extras was shownin the whole film.

On a little autumnal note, this project caught my fancy. I've been playing with brown paper lunchbags ever since I saw it.


  1. Oh, Colette, the "bag" mushrooms are great...I sent the link to my dd. She loves things like that =) Next time I go to her condo, she will have a hundred bags saved up~ready to make mushrooms.

  2. That project is so cool! Thanks for sharing it!
    And I love your thank you prayer. Beautiful!

  3. What a great project for kids. You can't fail at this. I will do this with my grandchildren. thanks Colette.

  4. I have missed late am I to so many blogs. Oh the beauty you are creating...I LOVE your canvases!!!!

    Girls night out, how fun! I have to see that movie since I've seen the 1939 version so many times I know the dialog of that one(I own the DVD). There are NO men in that version either. There was another remake called (I think) The Opposite Sex but that had men and starred June Allyson.(not as good)
    I know the new one was done for modern times and I haven't seen many good reviews - BUT I always have to see things for myself.
    Have a happy weekend!

  5. Love your piece of art for friends, beautiful words and images.
    Thanks so much for sharing the Mushroom link...enjoyed reading about it.

  6. I love the saying in your piece! I am going to watch the Women next week..can't wait!



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