Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Day of strange

Yesterday I got mugged by a bird.

I was walking to the subway, minding my own business, when I heard loud squawking above, but didn't think much of it. We have many birds here and they can get quite noisy. All of a sudden I felt a feathery thwack against the back of my head. I looked up and saw a black bird (I think the one that has red feathers hidden in its wings) rising above me into a tree where its compadres were squawking right back at it.

"What is the matter with you," I half-shouted, annoyed. I didn't even care what the passers-by must have been thinking. "What!?!! Was it the Chanel No. 5??"

Then I felt guilty. What if Bird was hurt and had lost its balance, flown too low and into the back of my head? So I looked up and waited. Bird seemed fine, probably had a fight with one of the others, and I was fine, so I continued on my way.


  1. I can't believe that you actually felt sorry for her. She was obviously trying to knock you down to try to steal your fabulous shoes. Her friends were cheering her on!

  2. When I was a little girl a bird would swoop down and steal my hair and the hair from the cat next door! Then when I was in my 20's, I worked for a large corporation in a building housing approx. 1,000 workers...A friend and I were leaving work and walking to our car and down swooped a bird and stole some of his hair! This bird waited for him almost daily and would go after only him! Didn't matter if a whole group of us walked out together, poor George was attacked!Go figure!
    Have a great week Colette! xoxo karen

  3. She was jealous of you! You left the trail of Chanel no. 5 scent, her suitors were enchanted with you. Maybe she was having a hormone melt down ( if birds have hormones) My poor dog and the cats gets dive bombed by a pair of wrens when they walk by their "tree" where their nest is.

  4. Obviously he thought you wanted to play, so he made the first move...Glad you both are okay =)

  5. They don't call them birdbrains for no reason!

  6. I love your painting there. Beautiful colours.

    Cathy www.novembermoon.com

  7. That bird was saying..HEY! Paint me! your a famous Artist..paint me paint me!

  8. Just a post to let you know I loved your work in Somerset. Your art for this post is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.....

    and by the way- birds really are a tiny bit creepy when they get too close or confident

  9. What a kind and soft heart you have..Thinking about the bird being off balance. I love that about you.
    sending you love, Nita
    P.s love the fairy girl..she is my favorite so far <3


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