Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Bird Chronicle Part Deux

About yesterday's mugging: No, there was no nest. The tree is very tall, and I saw Bird on my way back, much calmer now. Probably went and had a shot of whisky while I was gone. I love my birds; I want them to de-stress and be happy.

I see a lot about casting and moulds and equipment and so on and so forth. I admire it all. But, I have no space to experiment, plus I don't really like complicated, time-consuming methods. I only like complicated methods if I'm passionate about what I'm making.

That said, Ludgera let me borrow Stephanie Lee's book: Semi-precious Salvage. This book is a revelation. I recommend it. While I didn't make anything taught in the book, I took away a ton of inspiration, ideas, and PLASTER CASTING!!!! It is so simple, costs next to nothing in materials, and doesn't require much space. So off I went to and ordered a copy of the book; it's a good investment. And this little bird head is one of the things I made.
Happy happy happy!


  1. I love it Colette! Oh my... now I want to try this...and I even have the book ~ need to look at it again though. Have a wonderful day! xxoo, Dawn

  2. Anonymous3:58 p.m.

    I've been working my way through this book project by project and learned SO much. The plaster casting IS easy. And etching too. And doesn't require much more room though good air circulation is a must. Love your bird head dearheart. And laughed at being accosted by the Red Wing Blackbird. Exactly the same thing happened to me running across our bridge two weeks ago. Crazy birds! :D

  3. So beautiful! I love the soft colors. Makes me feel peaceful. I used to paint those plastic bird model things that came in pieces as a nerdy kid, put them together, sitting on their plastic twigs. Do you remember those? The book sounds so cool! You talked me into ordering it. You ALWAYS have great ideas! :)

  4. I just finished picking up the book myself. I've decided to go through it project by project. I finished the first 'brooch' (but i used it as a necklace pendant) project today! When i get a chance to blog i will post about it.

  5. yes, i love plaster casting too - easy, cheap, fun! stephanie's book is a real gem and i'm not a jewelry person but i had to have it too for its ability to inspire.

    thank you so very much for your lovely comment on my blog about teaching, i'm honored you would put it out to the universe...


  6. Great bird head - glad you were inspired by the event earlier. xo

  7. If you made this you are very artistic


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